Tired of relying on word of mouth or struggling to keep in touch with leads and customers?

See How Easily You Can Increase Referrals, Be Viewed As An Authority, Crank Up Revenue & Keep More Clients For Life!

Done-For-You E-Newsletter Marketing Service: "Relationships. Revenue. Retention - Just Press Send."

What Your Newsletter Can Do For You

The Benefits Of This Done-For-You Service


Don't have time to keep up with past customers or turn prospects into new ones?

Let your newsletter build relationships with both groups, by delivering valuable content, stories, and other updates. With every issue you send, you'll be building a loyal community of engaged, responsive readers.

As an added benefit, your newsletter content will help position you as an expert in your market.



Having to constantly get new leads is a lot more expensive than keeping current customers happy. And according to Marketing Sherpa, 79% of new leads never convert, mainly due to lack of nurturing.

Consistently sending valuable content allows you to nurture leads and engrave your business into the brains of potential clients so when the “itch” finally needs scratched, you’re the first to come to mind.

That means you make more sales, and can also increase revenue by including special offers or sponsored ads in every issue.



Instead of neglecting to follow up or only hammering your customers when you have a special promotion, your done-for-you newsletter can be used to inform, inspire, and entertain your readers on a regular basis.

Whether they are previous customers, existing clients, or new prospects, you'll have more people than ever sticking around to see what you publish next.

And with every issue, you have an extra opportunity to generate more business!

Make A Difference

Each month, Easy Business Newsletters donates 5% of revenue to a featured charity or cause.

  • Mike came highly recommended, when I put out the call for help for e-mail marketing.

    What impressed me the most, was that I caught Mike at a time where we were all under the gun time wise and he still managed to get us out of a hole.

    His communication over skype was impeccable, always attentive and extremely polite, which if your like me and work with a lot of people, this is not always the case I can assure you.

    Oh yeah, and his e-mails are converting like crazy, which is the main point.


    Peter Drew, Queensland, Australia

  • Mike is one of the most reliable copywriters I know. I've been working with him for almost 2 years now and he always finds the best possible angle to help position the product in the readers mind.

    Everything he does is very high quality.


    Alex Safie - Stealth Software

  • Not only was Mike able to take 4 pages of scattered thoughts and condense them to 1 clear and concise page - he actually got me to think a little bit more like he does, improving my overall copy writing strategy!



    Adam Levine - Wrap iT, Inc.

  • "Mike, I really appreciate the professional way you stood beside us and helped us on our launch.

    It's not often we work with a writer who is just as skilled at delivering on time as he is with writing ability.

    I was pleasantly surprised in both these areas with you.

    Thanks again for everything!"


    Costas Peppas - Nashville, Tennessee

  • "What an amazing job Michael has done for my business. I am truly overjoyed, speechless and in deepest gratitude to you for your amazing skill, speed, and mastery of salescopy. I also love how he offers improvement tips and ideas on existing copy, always keeping the original author's 'voice' intact.

    Michael's not afraid to ask questions, try new things, and find an answer when he doesn't have one at his fingertips. My own ideas take on new energy when infused with his copywriting skills, sense of humor, and marketing experience.

    This is my second time doing business with Michael, and it has been a pleasure. I can always count on work being done in a way that I can be proud of."


    Ludovic Louisdhon - "Content Professor"

How It Works

Your Newsletter In 5 Simple Steps

Step #1: Choose Your Package

How frequently would you like to use your newsletter to deliver value to—and increase action from—prospects, current clients, and previous customers?

At the bottom of this page, you'll find three options: monthly, bi-weekly, and weekly.

Every issue includes the main content and several sub-sections we'll develop together in step two.

Step #2: Let's Talk About Your Business

We can do this by phone, Skype, Google Hangout, carrier pigeons- whatever you prefer!

We'll discuss your target audience, how you'd like to position yourself, what your goals are, and what your current branding looks like so I can make sure your custom newsletter template (see step 3) matches.

Your newsletter will become an extra part of your marketing machine that walks and talks just like you.

Step #3: Custom Template Created ($300 Value, Yours Free)

It took 131 e-mails to designers and developers, but I found a handful who are ready to create your own unique e-mail template, where your content and promotions will live.

The template will be responsive, which means your subscribers can comfortably read your content on a computer, tablet, or mobile phone.

While the template is being created, your first issue's content will be worked on.

Step #4: Your First Issue Is Ready!

Congratulations, it's time to send out your first issue. If you need help, just let us know.

If you've chosen a bi-weekly or weekly package, the production of your next issue will start immediately so you have time to take a look and make any requests that come to mind.

Step #5: On-Going Support And Discussion

My biggest goal for you is to help you build a community of loyal readers, position yourself as an expert, get you more business, and have more time to do what you want.

If you need anything at all, please get in touch. And at least once a month, we can setup a short call to discuss your progress, any concerns, and if you have any preference for upcoming content.

Consider this an investment in your business, adding another asset to your marketing (and team) WITHOUT the high cost of hiring someone full-time.

How Frequently Would You Like To Reach Your Clients And Prospects?

The Secret To Successful Newsletter Marketing Is Consistency. Choose Your Package Below.

  • Issues Per Month: 1
  • Customized Responsive E-mail Template
  • Extra Leads To Subscribe Page Each Month: 0
  • Issues Per Month: 2
  • Customized Responsive E-mail Template
  • Extra Leads To Subscribe Page Each Month: 200
  • Issues Per Month: 4
  • Customized Responsive E-mail Template
  • Extra Leads To Subscribe Page Each Month: 400
  • Newsletter Content Posted To Blog For You

Get in Touch

Feel free to ask any questions via the contact form below.

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Phone: 570-637-3479
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About Me

Few Words About Me.

My name is Mike Schwenk and I run Easy Business Newsletters.

I love creating advertising campaigns to help clients rake in more revenue, but I was fed up with seeing so many businesses only focusing on new leads, instead of following up with those who matter most: current prospects and customers.

So I created a done-for-you newsletter writing service that helps them (and you) create connections, elevate your expertise, and increase repeat business.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How Will You Know How To Write About My Profession?

As a freelance copywriter since 2009, a lot of the work I've done requires research to know about the product and the target market it's designed to reach.

The same applies with this newsletter writing service, only I'm learning about your business and who you're trying to reach.

Also, we'll discuss some content ideas and you're welcome to add your own input before the writing is done.

Q: What Is Included In Each Issue You Produce For Me?

Every issue has one main piece of content and several sub-sections included. These sub-sections change for everyone. As an example, a fitness professional might have one main piece of content and sub-sections like "featured workout", "recipes", "member of the month", etc.

Q: What Is A Responsive E-mail Template?

Responsive simply means it will adapt ("respond") to a variety of different screen sizes and devices. This is important, because forcing readers to squint and scroll (especially on a mobile device) to read your content will lead to less engagement and potentially higher unsubscribes.

Q: When Will My Content Be Ready?

After our initial call, your first issue will be worked on while your template is being created. Going forward, it depends on the package you selected.

Q: How Do You Process Payments? Is It Secure?

All of our payments are processed primarily through PayPal, a trusted and secure service you're likely familiar with. If you don't have a PayPal account, you can sign up for free or skip it and enter your details on the same secure payment page.

Payments are processed every 30 days from the date you signed up.

Q: How Do I Cancel My Subscription?

If you've paid with a PayPal account, you can log in and update your approved subscription payments.

If you've paid without linking your subscription to a PayPal account, simply contact support or call (570) 637-3479 for assistance.

Q: Can I Change The Package I Have?

Absolutely. Whether you want to upgrade or downgrade your current package, all you have to do is contact support or call (570) 637-3479 and you'll be given a custom link to change your package.

Q: What Are The "Extra Leads" You Mentioned?
We've partnered with Multiple Stream Media, an online advertising company that's been around since 1999, to give Easy Business Newsletters members targeted traffic to your subscription page.

The amount of leads depends on the package you choose.

Just like your newsletter, everything will be handled for you.